Welcome to the portfolio of Nathan Wyse, a Creative Director with a wealth of experience in traditional advertising and a diverse background spanning various industries, including consumer goods and healthcare. With a focus on Art, Nathan is currently specializing in oncology and experiential marketing, while also delving into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence as an area of exploration and potential growth.


Nathan's interest in AI was sparked by his desire to uncover its creative potential and investigate diverse use cases across marketing and advertising. With a curious mind, he seeks to understand the opportunities AI-driven tools could provide to optimize campaign strategies, create personalized content, and discover innovative design solutions. Moreover, Nathan has found himself captivated by the potential synergy between human creativity and machine learning, which could pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in art and storytelling.


Drawing inspiration from the world around him, Nathan possesses a keen eye for capturing captivating moments and transforming them into compelling stories. He has worked with well-known agencies, been involved in art direction for several brands, and contributed to the development of engaging marketing campaigns that connect with audiences.


Explore Nathan's body of work and discover how his unique perspective, artistic prowess, and curiosity for emerging technologies such as AI, which he has found to be an area of exploration and potential growth, come together to create visually stunning narratives and memorable experiences.

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